The End!

Day 140 14 PCT miles

Day 141 18 PCT miles – stayed at Pear Lake

Day 142 26 PCT miles

Day 143 20 PCT miles

Day 144 22 PCT miles

Day 145 22 PCT miles

Day 146 14 PCT miles – stayed at Fireweed Camp

Day 147 23 PCT miles – stayed at Brush Creek, built first fire of hike

Day 148 22 PCT miles

Day 149 23 PCT miles and 6 back to camp

Day 150 0 PCT miles walked back to Harts Pass

Once I crossed the Washington border, it pretty much rained or snowed everyday until the end of my hike.  It had stayed just above freezing the previous day which lead me to spend a whole day in my tent trying to avoid, in my opinion, the most dangerous weather. My person and gear were completely soaked except for my sleeping bag and spare clothing I keep in an extra garbage bag for just such occasions! After waking up and making coffee in my tent from my sleeping bag, I decided to try and wait out the rain hoping it would quit or turn to snow. After hours of mind numbing boredom and blowing through my food at a dangerous rate, I finally pushed on towards the evening.

The next day at the top of the ridge, I got my wish; it turned from rain to freezing rain then finally to snow.

Racing down the mountain trying to make it to the resort before it closes, I slide and stumble my way down! Arriving as they are closing, the girl behind the counter gave me a warm coffee and said that she would give me a ride into town and called a hostel to see if there was still room. The hot coffee made my day!

As I stood dripping all over the floor slowly making a puddle, waiting for the barista to close, another hiker came into the resort. Slowly making her own puddle as I tell her she can probably get a ride into town and if she wanted to split a room, I already had one.

Arriving in town a short while later, we get our room and unpack while swapping stories and beta on what’s to come. So close to the end, we are both excited and sad.

I am concerned with my transportation off the trail and to an airport! Apparently, I am banned from Canada for life, according to an email I got after requesting advanced permission to cross the boarder at an unmanned point; even though I had just skied in Banff the winter before. This was extremely disappointing news since I love the country and the skiing it provides and now I had to back track 29 miles and hope my girlfriend who had dumped me on this hike once already actually picks me up like she is insisting on doing.

After we were done unpacking,  I went to inquire about fuel canisters for my stove. The proprietor said he had some canisters and he would get them to me shortly. Some other hikers overheard my exchange and said they had just left some half full canisters in the hiker box. Unbeknownst to me, the proprietor was gathering up these exact containers to resell to me at an exorbitant price! Luckily, I could feel the containers were half empty and asked for full ones.

Since I have to hike back to Hart’s pass, I stashed a lot of my gear there and continued ahead with pretty much just a ground cloth to use as a shelter, food, and my sleeping bag. I really regret leaving behind my gloves.

The last night it was difficult to sleep because mice kept running all over me. I wake up to find my chapstick stolen!

Completing the trail on day 149 was really anticlimatic, reaching the border by myself and having to hike back to Hart’s Pass the way I just came feels disappointing.

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