Bend to Cascade Locks

Day 114 0 PCT miles – stayed in Bend,Or

Day 115 17 PCT miles – stayed at Linton Meadows

Day 116 22 PCT miles

Day 117 22 PCT miles

Day 118 31 PCT miles

Day 119 25 PCT miles

Day 120 18 PCT miles

Day 121 26 PCT miles

Day 122 8 PCT miles  stayed in Hood River

Day 123 0 Hood River

Day 124 0 PCT miles

Day 125 4 PCT miles – Back on the trail at Cascade Locks

Hiking through the most blowdown I have seen on the trail after leaving Crater Lake. My pace is greatly diminished by having to negotiate the maze caused by the huge trees. Massive giants covered in a green beard of Spanish moss. A majority of them could be bypassed by walking around the rootball that for some reason is right on the edge the the trail, but others involve problem solving and parkour moves to make it to the other side.

I was awakened by a weird noise! I immediately sucked in my breath and became very quiet, there is was again, what is that sound? It sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it. It’s hard to think while holding your breath staining to hear into the night. As I slowly move my head lamp to my head, there it is again, but still can’t place it. I finally have to breath; I let out the breath I have been holding in a sudden woosh as I crawl out of my bag to investigate. Opening the zipper on my tent in a fluid motion while aiming my head lamp toward where I last heard the sound. As my eyes adjust to the light and focus on the object that was making the noise, my rapid breathing starts to slow down, as two eyes shine back at me. I recognize the familiar shape of a deer. It stared back at me, maybe as startled by me as I was by it, before returning to making the familiar sound of chomping on grass that I now completely recognized.

I went back into the tent. The deer continued chomping through the night completely unbothered by my presence.

Arriving at Elk Lake, I am met by Josh who has been busy shuttling hikers to Bend or Sisters as he waited for me. I had met Josh a couple years earlier when I cycled the Southern Tier.

We headed to Bend where I would stay with him in his tiny house. We had some beers and explored the town the next day. We floated the Deschutes River through town. I really like getting to spend time on the water, I have one more stop where I will get to kayak again before pushing on to finish the trail.

Back on the trial, I hike towards the Gorge .

I had the opportunity to hike through Eagle Creek before it burnt in 2017. The trail followed the creek revealing multiple waterfalls along the way.

Arriving at the Bridge of the Gods, I pass by the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington over the Columbia River. I get a coffee then head to a brewery to wait for my friend Grant to get off work.

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