My Parents Come to Visit

Day 86 21 miles PCT

Day 87 0 miles PCT – stayed in Old Station

Day 88 0 miles PCT – actual 13 miles

Day 89 25 miles PCT

Day 90 26 miles PCT

Day 91 17 miles PCT

Day 92 30 miles PCT

Day 93 25 miles PCT

Day 94 16 miles PCT

Day 95 19 miles PCT

Day 96 31 miles PCT

Day 97 28 miles PCT

Day 98 9 miles PCT stayed in Etna

Day 99 24 PCT miles

Day 100 30 PCT miles stayed Seiad Valley

Day 101 18 PCT miles stayed at Pipe Cook Spring

My parents met me at Old Station, CA. I arrived before them and had indulged in ice cream and multiple sodas!

We hiked to Lassen Peak, where the view was amazing. They struggled a little bit to reach the peak. Mom stopped so I acted as her drill sergeant as she proceeded up the hill. I got a lot of mean looks, but she made it.

I hiked down ahead of them; took a nap in the car then hiked back up the trail, extra water in hand, until I saw them again.

Later they took me to Redding to get a new pair of shoes. I spent the equivalent of a months rent and some change on shoes. I ended up hiking in a variety of shoes over the thousands of miles covered to date. I ended up really liking the Salomon X Mission 3.

New shoes on my feet and belly full, I headed north to Crater Lake, where my parents will have been and long gone by the time I arrive by foot!

I stopped before Etna to stealth camp outside of town. I  was awakened to the sounds of crashing trees and chain saws. Itappears I camped very close to a logging operation.

Packing in a hurry I accidentally drop my plastic water bottle, it bounced once then fell over a cliff. When I set up in the dark, I didn’t realize I was that close to a drop off! It’s too steep to retrieve my bottle so I continued. Glad I was out of the dessert when I lost my water bottle!

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