Yosemite to South Lake Tahoe

Day 72 24 miles PCT – stayed at Mt Adventure Center

Day 73 .5 miles PCT – 8 actual miles, stayed in South Lake Tahoe

Day 74 11 miles PCT – 15 actual miles, stayed at Susie Lake

Day 75 28 miles PCT

Day 76 25 miles PCT

Day 77 24 miles PCT – actual 26 miles

Day 78 25 miles PCT – stayed outside of Sierra City

Day 79 19 miles PCT

Day 80 27 miles PCT

Day 81 21 miles PCT

Day 82 20 miles PCT

Day 83 15 miles PCT

Day 84 23 miles PCT – stayed outside of Chester

Day 85 22 miles PCT

This was my second time entering Yosemite Valley from extended stays in the wilderness. Both times made the experience reminiscent of Disney Land. The valley much more so than Tuolumne Meadows.

After a day catching up with people and the hike to Half Dome the granite was quickly replaced by lush vegetation.

I saw a brown lump by a rock. Thinking it was a bear cub, I quickly stopped and scanned the area for its parents. Seconds later to my relief a six point buck emerged from what I thought was a bear cub. The buck took form when it lifted its head to peer at me from its bent over position. It regarded me for a few seconds still chewing on whatever it was eating before it bounded away deciding I was more of a threat to it then it was to me. Bears were on my mind because shortly before this near Yosemite experience, a bear had crushed a guys electronics that he put in his Ursack with his food. He watched helplessly as the bear tried to get to his food. There’s one reason to hang your food!

Later, I excitedly passed the1000 mile mark. Not quite halfway, but it was still a great feeling of accomplishment! This accomplishment was quickly surpassed by the realization this might be the longest I have went without a shower!

The mosquitoes haven’t been as bad as they were on the AT, so far. With the exception of a bridge I ran across holding my breath. The blood thirsty bugs were so thick in the area, I was actually concerned about swallowing them. Luckily, I never saw that dense of population again in this hike.

I hitched to a Starbucks in Tahoe to get internet and feed my caffeine addiction!

While walking out of Starbucks I lifted my pack over my shoulder then made to buckle my sternum strap and half of it was missing. I looked right then I looked left. Took the backpack off and  looked around, spining in a complete circle. Nothing! I checked the back of my shirt, my pockets, back into Starbucks looking under the table. Fuck nothing! Now I spend the next half of the day trying to find a replacement. Success! One was found at the local backpacking shop. It was cheaper and better made than the replacement ones I found online.

Took a bus to a couple brewery’s after the buckle disaster. I watched some guy sit down by a little old lady with glasses and ask, “How are you?” She replied, “I was fine until you sat down beside me!”

”O ooh?”

Turning her head to glare at him she shouts, “You smell like smoke!”

Good thing I didn’t sit beside her, I probably smelled like BO!

After trying for a bit to hitch out of town, I decided to start hiking back to the trail. A truck with a tow behind RV pulled over and asked me some questions. I asked for a ride, they gave me one a short distance up the road. When they stopped and I tried to open the door and it wouldn’t open. They couldn’t figure out how to turn off the child locks. So just in case they were mass murderers trying to kidnap me, I rolled down the window and opened my own door! Next time, if they were mass murderers, maybe they will lock the rear window also. Shorty after getting out and saying my farewells to the possible incompetent mass murderers, a big white dully picked me up. The guy had a Fosters beer in the cup holder taking a swig after picking me up, I thought it was rude he didn’t offer me some.

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