Flat Tires Day 39 and 40 (Actually 41)

It actually took 41 days, but as I mentioned before lost a day somewhere!


Rode 108 miles

Rode approx. 8:47


Rode 101 miles

Rode approx. 8:12

For a total of 3015 miles +\- when the computer flew off bike

For a total of 273:02 hours +\- when the computer flew off bike

I was having a shitty day due to technology issues, this happens a lot. Why do you need to change your passwords so often and then you can’t use one you used before? My favorite is that you need to use a computer for this, not your mobile device. Hmm, I am in the middle of nowhere, a three day hike and then a 30 minute hitchhike to a library that has a 30 minute time limit! Okay that’s from an earlier adventure; enough bitching back to cycling!

The server at Denny’s, the only restaurant close to me, could obviously tell I was having a shitty day. I ordered enough food for 2.5 people as normal; you burn 4,000-5,000 calories a day cycling cross country. When the bill came she just charged me for the desert, yes I had desert for 2.5 people! I left her a 50 dollar tip to cover the cost, just in case. Anyway I was in a better mood after that!

In yet another example of how awesome my parents are, my mom drove down and picked me up along the road west of Gainesville, Florida. She was able to find me using technology. It worked in this instance, but it was a pain in the ass updating my InReach to get the stupid thing to work at the time!

We stopped soon after to get the bike better situated in the car.

We stayed at a Knights Inn in Gainesville; mom didn’t think it was a very nice place. I thought it was amazing; I didn’t have to set my tent up inside the hotel to keep the bugs off and it didn’t come with used toothbrushes and toothpaste!

It was late so we just got some snacks at a gas station nearby for dinner.

She drove me back to where she picked me up and I continued on the last leg of my trip.

I cycled into Saint Augustine where we met Stephen later at the beach where he had finished the Southern Tier, also!! We celebrated with beers after dipping the front tire into the ocean to symbolize the completion of the journey!

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