Flat Tires Day 37


Rode 99 miles

Rode approx. 8:39 hrs

Today was another mostly relaxing day for me. I didn’t leave as early as everyone else and treated myself to a Sushi lunch.

I almost got hit by a car, which put a momentary damper on my day!

Those damn white lines are super slick after the rain! As a truck was passing me, I moved to the right to give him room. I slid on the white line initially veering to the left; I swerved back in time to avoid him! I made eye contact with a guy to the right just down the hill as I got the bike under control, his look said everything I needed to know, that was a close one!

I never caught up with Dutch and Stephen today, but found a cool place to camp off route a little bit; I believe I crossed into Georgia to stay at the campground.

On the way here a semi lays on his horn, stops in the middle of the road to inquire if I was going cross country; then he hops out and hands me an energy drink. “Thanks.”

I then sped towards my campsite. I peddled thru tall trees. They were standing in line, like regimented solders in formation, the sun dropping to the horizon behind them. The light barely breaking through, as I made my descent to my home for the night.

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