Flat Tires Day 36


Rode 79 miles

Rode approx. 5:47hrs

I enjoyed a beautiful coastal ride, today. I took a slower pace stopping to lie out on the beach and enjoy the breeze. I slipped in and out of sleep lulled by the ocean waves breaking on the beach with the occasional call of the seagull; waking just enough to rotate on the blanket for a nice even burn.

Caught back up with Stephon and Dutch to enjoy pizza and beer at Hop Jacks, a restaurant close to a church where we planned to stay the night. The host of the church had completed the TransAmerican route across the USA; he had some amazing photos from his cycling trip.

Saw an older couple who I had spoken to earlier that day at the church, they were cycling the Southern Tier like us, but then headed down the Florida Coast then possibly elsewhere. I remember a comment that the man made about his panniers when he saw how light I was traveling. “Well my two front panniers are full of her stuff”. I thought this was amusing because of the look she gave him in reaction to the statement. I hope they finished their epic journey, mine was almost over and theirs was still underway!

I lost a page from my journal and I believe this is the day it happened, but I am not sure since I didn’t keep one every day and jotted notes when I had time, so I am just going to continue on like this day never happened. I actually took one more day to finish this trip than what this blog states due to the lost page.

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