Flat Tires Day 35


Rode 109 miles

Rode approx. 7:58 hrs

Everyone is really starting to push to get done. Stephon has a plane to catch and Dutch wants to see his family. We had to start early to catch a ferry from Dauphin Island. Must have gotten up too early, we had to wait for the ferry, hopefully that’s the last time I take initiative on this trip, totally could have slept in!

Saw and met the most people at one time cycling the Southern Tier. Everyone was waiting on the ferry. We were the only self supported cyclist on the ferry, everyone else had a sag wagon (a vehicle that follows behind bicyclists to pick up those who drop out or to carry gear) they took turns driving or had paid someone else to shuttle their stuff. We rode to a restaurant, had breakfast with our new friends then parted ways shortly after due to varied riding speeds.

It’s always easy to talk to and meet people when traveling within the traveling activity. You normally have common interest and/or experiences and the other travelers generally don’t know anyone in the area. It’s nice to make such instant friendships and is one of the benefits of travel.

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