Flat Tires Day 33 and 34


Rode 88 miles

Rode approx. 7:36 hrs


Rode 46 mile

Rode approx 3:38 hrs
Should make it out of Louisiana today, it’s weird knocking out states so fast, since a majority of the ride to date has been spent in Texas.

Stopped at a place called the Sugar Shack. I devoured donuts for breakfast; you know you need to have a balanced diet when participating in rigorous activities! The owner was awesome, he gave us advice on a route out of town and breakfast was on the house.

Crossed into Mississippi today.

We decided to depart from the Adventure Cycling Route to get to the coast sooner! In Alabama now!

I was peddling along minding my own business when I hear this hoooooonnnkkkk!!! I jump and the bike wobbles back and forth before I gain control. I look behind me and a truck is just feet from my rear tire honking again. Then he pulls beside me, rolls down his window, and starts running his mouth, his eyes full of venom. I reply, “Sorry I thought you were just being a dick, but obviously your belly was stuck against the horn, my bad” he went off on an unintelligible rant swerving at me again, and then speeding off.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

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