Flat Tires Day 30 and 31


Rode 77 miles

Rode approx. 5:12 hrs


Rode 104 miles

Rode approx. 7:44 hrs

IMG_1681Drafting off Dutch made for an easier ride, we averaged 16 mph. Had a quick day today, we stopped early because of rain, still rode 77 miles to a hotel. We caught up to another Adventure Cycling Association tour, Dutch was having issues with a tire, they gave him a tire to get him to the next gear shop.

When we were checking in the hotel, I asked if we could get the room for less and the guy gave us $10 off the room. I had been staying in really cheap hotels prior to meeting Dutch, the type that I sometimes felt the need to set up my tent inside just incase there were actually rats and cockroaches. The rooms were so cheap they couldn’t possibly give me a discount! With splitting the room now and a $10 discount I went out to eat. Since we had crossed into LA today, I had crawfish fajitas to celebrate finally leaving TX!
Took it easy today and didn’t try and keep up with Dutch. I stopped and took a long leisurely lunch.

Definitely could tell I was in Louisiana, lots of snakes along the road, some flattened and others slithering. The snakes and gator ended up being the least of my worries, I was attacked by a tiny white yippee fluff ball. As I cycled along, a Maltese decided to continually nip at my heels. I ended up macing it on principle, finally it backed off.


Pedaled by what I assumed were crawfish and rice farms, finally on flat roads. The shallow man-made pools dotted the landscape. Looking at the maps it should be mostly easy flat riding from here out! I saw a gator along the road right outside of the town of Bunkie, where I was staying at a Fire Station for the night. Met Stephen who was also cycling the Southern Tier at the Fire Station.

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