Flat Tires Day 26


Rode 87 miles

Rode approx. 7:56 hrs

Day 26

I pushed my bike with my newly installed clips and pedaled away from the hotel in the pouring rain, water splashing from the newly formed puddles, alternating swishing and squeaking noises omitted from my bike. I had been lucky and had avoided the severe thunder storms and rain up to this point, which were all around me. For days I had read the forecast for storms and I could hear the thunder threatening to let loose the rain. It was hard to see with all the rain as I tried to make my way out of the city. The rain was cold, a drastic change from the oppressive heat I had been contending with.

I found the bike trails in Austin, TX hard to follow because they weren’t labeled and I did not have a detailed map of the area. I got lost due to a combination of the aforementioned issues and I missed a sign in the driving rain. I know, I know, just use Google Maps! My phone quit working due to the moisture, every time I touched the screen more water ran down it keeping me from entering my code to unlock the phone, each drop of water rolling down my screen washing away my ability to open my phone and find out where to go. The Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) Map I was carrying was useless once off route, so I just kept heading east, I hoped, until I could find someone to ask for directions. I was really close to hypothermia from the multiple methods of heat loss; convection, radiation, and evaporation the weather was causing. About the time my hands started going numb, I stopped to change clothing and warm up at a gas station. I took full advantage of the hand dryer in the restroom, warming up and drying my phone. I got back on track a lot warmer and made a beeline to a hotel and took a hot shower to end the day.

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