Flat Tires Day 24 and 25 


Rode 81 miles

Rode approx. 7:15 hrs


Day 25

Rode 97 miles

Rode approx. 9.05 hrs

I am having a real problem finding good, single beer at gas stations. I am trying to stay on budget, so I’m limiting my local brewery stops. Let’s see, Budweiser, Bud Light, KeyStone, etc. I  ended up with a 40 of Corona Extra. After leaving the gas station with the 40 taking up the space in my camel back bag where water was previously, I was pedaling up a slight incline. I was gaining on a bike that was towing a yellow cart and as I got closer a dog jumped out and started pulling the rider, gaining speed they began pulling away from me. I need one of those! This is how I met Josh and Shoeless Joe, we talked a little while biking. Josh and Shoeless Joe, his dog, were biking the Southern Tier, also. Shoeless Joe looked like a herding dog with white and black coloring. They stopped by my hotel room later and brought a beer but unfortunately I had already picked up the aforementioned Corona Extra. We talked for a while as Shoeless Joe explored my room, he finally decided to hangout under a desk in my hotel room. They were going out to listen to some local music. I decided to do laundry and sleep because I wanted to do a big day the following day. I really wonder about my decision making skills sometimes!
Woke up at 5:30 a.m. for my big day to Austin which was over 90 miles. Started in the dark and just a few feet from the hotel, my shoe kept coming unclipped from the pedal. I looked down and saw a bolt was loose. Stopped to fix it, had trouble seeing since it was still dark. My OCD and ADD would not let me stop fucking with it!!!! After about an hour I gave up because I was wasting time on something I knew was broke and I couldn’t fix. At a gas station, I bought fajitas and went back to messing with the pedal. I managed to “fix” the pedal, it took a while but I couldn’t stop messing with it. About 29 miles down the road the other pedal started grinding. I could not get to what was making the noise; it was too encased in the pedal. I forced chain oil into the cylinder but it still was popping and grinding under my foot. The OCD is full blown now, I am obsessed! I figured it would be destroyed by the time I got to Austin. Since I wasted so much time fixing the other pedal and messing with this one, the odds were I would not make it to Austin before the bike shops closed. I finally managed to stop messing with it and pedaled as hard and fast as I could, and made it to REI with 15 minutes to spare! New pedals purchased with dividend and tires topped off, I went in search of a hotel room in the dark. My phone keeps taking me to liquor stores, … Siri must have a problem. After two dead ends in the dark while trying to get to a cheap hotel “they are always in the nice part of town”. I see the Golden Arches and what looks like the hotel. I make my way towards the hotel, then coming around a turn a wall appears. The freaking wall is separating me from my goal. Delicious greasy foooooood! I finally navigate around the wall trying not to make eye contact with all the sketchy people on the way only to find a 6 lane highway with a median in the center and what I assume are 6 more lanes on the other side between me and my food. Luckily, I saw a Motel 6 close by and sprinted my bike down the wrong way on the big 6 lane byway to the motel before getting ran over! Krystal, my ex-wife got a pizza, cheese sticks, and wings delivered to keep me from making the dash across the highway for McDonalds. I was washing up before I devoured my food and the sink was not draining and as if I hadn’t wasted enough time that day, I decided I needed to mess with that for about an hour before I put my new pedals on. Damn OCD!

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