Flat Tires Day 21


Road 77 miles

Rode aprox 8.48 hours

I left Seminal State Park very low on food, the next two towns were supposed to have full services according to the Adventure Cycling map. I was thinking about food the whole way to the first town. Greasy hamburger, pizza, those amazing burritos, hell I would even eat the tuna salad that they have at gas stations and I always wondered what type of people ate them. I got to the next town and I did not see anything but a Border Patrol Station, so much for full services and gas station tuna salad. At the next town I stopped at a gas station and inquired about restaurants. I in fact was not the type of person to eat gas station tuna salad after all! They said there were some restaurants down the road, so I bought an AMP slammed it and continued cycling down the road dreaming of food and getting passed by trucks hauling fishing boats. After cycling across a bridge with a view of the lake that was supplying all the fishermen with food, I saw a sign for a restaurant in a local hotel. This was the first restaurant I came across after starting my quest for nourishment, it opened at 5 p.m in a few hours. That’s not going to work! Guess what? The next one closed at 3 p.m., it was 3:08 p.m. I should have eaten at the gas station. When has gas station tuna or egg salad made anyone sick? There is a gas station farther down on the map. I passed a steak house, with everyone dressed up for Easter, on the way to the final gas station, willing to give this tuna salad one last go because the steak house was packed with what looked like people waiting outside. And the gas station is closed too!! I turned around and peddled back to the steak house, where the hostess stared at me like I smelled. Well she might have had a point, but to be fair I was way less smelly then when I hiked the Appalachian Trail. She, shortly, seated me as far away from everyone as she could since the line had whittled down since my first passing. I ordered the largest sirloin they had and got the salad bar, remember I was starving. I almost could not finish my steak and potatoes the meal was so big.
I arrived at my next destination aptly named Fort something or another because it was inside a fort. If I get motivated later I might look up its name and edit this post, don’t hold your breath.

I arrived late, talking to the guard at the entrance to the fort, it went from dusk to dark. He handed me a map but I was able to follow his verbal instructions to a campsite. Well almost, I biked passed it twice because I couldn’t see it. Upon finding the site I discovered it had cold showers, so I went to the rv park next door. I had saw the rv park originally after passing this site and showered in their warm showers.

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