Flat Tires Day 19


Rode 83 miles

Rode approx. 9.34 hr

Today was rough, I was exhausted from the two previous days. I had to walk up almost every incline, my legs wouldn’t turn the pedals over. I was still on highway 90, the same road the guy had warned me about looking out for deer.  There were still a lot of deer; the air smelled like spring flowers with a hint of decay or the other way around depending on the road kill to flower ratio. The road was littered with dead deer and vulture parts. The semis where going really fast and when they hit a deer, it appeared it destroyed it totally from the random extremities I saw, a random leg here and another one over there.


Random picture of my dog because I miss him!  

They must have clipped a lot of vultures who were feeding on the deer, also. There is nothing scarier to date than going across a bridge with no berm and a semi passing two RVs coming at you at what appeared to be 100 mph, the speed limit being 75. The RVs looked like they where booking it and on the downhill and yet the semi was passing them, coming at me, and I had nowhere to go! The saddle bags kept me on the white line because they hit the bridge if I try and move right.  I close my eyes and hold the handlebars tight, knuckles turning white, and think no wonder there are deer parts everywhere whoosh and hoooonk and he is by and I am still in one piece!?!  Why do they honk? It makes you jump and when you move, your bike moves? Quit honking! I had to make it to the only service station by 5pm or no water and I needed a refill to make it the 25 miles to camp. I was so tired; I keep stopping to rest in the shade when I could find it. Made it into town at 4:45 pm, well, the outskirts of town and yes one service station. Hamburger, Mtn. Dew, Gatorade;  water filled and consumed by 4:57 pm. Perfect timing almost like I had planned it. I was so tired, made it to camp after dark again.


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