Flat Tires Day 18



Rode 117 miles

Rode approx. 10.4 hr

I left the Mt. Davis camp site early because I tried to sneak out without paying… didn’t happen. Hey, don’t judge me; I am a poor dirt bag. I also knew I had a long day ahead. Stopped in a town, I don’t remember its name, to fill up my water    and eat. I ate at a gas station restaurant that had surprisingly good hamburgers. I had 40 plus more miles to go and knew it would be dark when I got to my destination. The guy who made my hamburger told me to watch out for deer on the way there, since it would be dark when I arrived; and the cheapest hotel would be on the far side of town. There were a lot of deer both alive and splattered on the road, but I did not hit any. It got dark about 7 miles outside of town. Wanted to book a IMG_1637room but had very limited service. Called Mom to have her get on Kayak to find a cheap hotel. The one that the guy had told me would be the cheapest was $34 on Kayak, Mom booked it. While I stopped, I could hear the coyotes yipping.  The almost full moon was just fully in view over the horizon, highlighting the desert landscape, it was very beautiful and the sounds of the communicating coyotes only enhanced the experience and surrounding vista. I stalled waiting a little listing even though I was pressed for time! Biking at night was a nice respite from the ubiquitous sun and heat. Stopped at the wrong hotel on my way in town. The guy told me how bad the other place was and said if I can get out of the agreement to come back and he would give me a room for $20. The other one was only $14 more so IMG_1649I wasn’t expecting a nice place from either of the prices. When I got there, the guy was asleep, it was about 10 or 10:30. I was exhausted from biking 117 miles and just wanted to sleep! He had to “clean a room for me” it took about 20 minutes. I don’t know why it took so long, it was a double room and only one bed was made. I did not see new sheets on his cart on my way into the room, so I assume he just made one bed without changing the sheets. The tub did not look clean either. Oh well, passed out, woke up early and left after he offered me snacks; chips, water, and crackers because he wanted me to write a review on Trip Advisor.  Twenty five cent crackers and fifty cent water totally make up for a disgusting room!! He even went as far as to follow me and harass me for a picture. He wanted me to post itIMG_1635 and say how great his place was   I will let you decide?????






















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