Flat Tires Day 17


Rode 90 miles

Rode approx. 9 hr

I sawIMG_1650 a good bit of wildlife on today’s ride.  A rattlesnake was hanging out in the road, a possible roadrunner shot across the road, a javelin pig like mammal from the family Tayassuidae…. not to be confused with the escaped domestic pig which is from the family Suidae. I was told by someone that they were not pigs, he seemed very adamant about this. Now you know, too.

Cycled past the McDonald observatory, it was getting close to dusk. I kept a watchful eye for a stealth campsite. However, none of the scarce vegetation looked appropriate. Not only was it infrequent but the copses were made of scrub brush. I kept pushing on, hoping for a spot.  Started the day off strong, 40 miles in two and a half hours,  then head winds again brought my pace to a slow creeping struggle. Earlier in the trip the highway berm disengaged and all but disappeared leaving behind IMG_1630rumble like strips which caused my bike to vibrate uncomfortably beneath me. Teeth chattering and slamming together, I struggled to keep my bike upright. This must have caused the bolts to come loose on my bike rack and saddle bags. I lost one off the bike and one off the saddle bag.

Found a campground just before dark. I had run out of food except for the oatmeal which l tire of quickly on adventures. I approached and asked a lady, who was car camping in a new red Tacoma with a camper on top, at the campsite beside me if I could buy food from her. She said she would give me some leftovers, it was late and if I would have been here earlier she would have made me a proper meal.  She rummaged through her cooler and proIMG_1627duced a chicken leg and a salad with cheese, salami, and a variety of greens. It was delicious! The cheese, which might be my favorite food, was awesome! I haven’t had either for two weeks. She talked to me while I ate. I had offered to buy the food earlier knowing full well that no one was going to sell food to a person cycling across the United States that looked like he was starving. They were going to give it to me. I offered to pay her again and her response was priceless. “Honey, I live in Jackson Hole.”

Stayed at Mt. Davisday 17

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