Flat Tires Day 14

3/29/15 IMG_1613

Rode 85 miles

Rode approx. 7.14 hr
Super hot outside! I had to stop and apply layer after layer of suntan lotion because I was sweating so much it was washing off almost immediately. The only shade I could find was from trees that were randomly planted on the city streets. The sun was unrelenting, so I stopped at a McDonalds to get out of the midday heat. I locked my bike to the black fencing surrounding the outdoor dining area, walked inside and felt the wonderful artificial cold coming from the air conditioning. I was in heaven. I sat down spreading some of my gear all over a long table, before I went to order. After ordering I sat in the seat sweat still dripping off my soaked shirtIMG_1619 and shorts.  An older man sat down beside me. Like most old people I see at McDonalds, the only thing he had was a small coffee and a newspaper.  He was the first person who liked Obama I had met on the trip; we talked about how dumb Americans are now. He said, “People used to watch soap operas for entertainment, now they watch Fox News. It’s still just fake bullshit, but they think its important news.” He was an old lawyer, whose hand shook as he held his coffee talking to mIMG_1629e, who was still practicing because he had to give his ex-wives too much money. We also talked about the prison system and how they are sending nonviolent offenders away for life because of the economic incentives. Prison is a huge business. I stayed for hours talking to the guy and avoiding the heat, a huge plus was the vast quantity of food I consumed while waiting for the heat to fade.
Stayed in Fabens, TXday 13

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