Flat Tires Day 13


Rode 89 miles

Rode approx. 7.07 hr
I was cruising through a suburb littered with trailers, listening to my iPod, when out of nowhere a pit-bull came behind from my right side. I was so startled I swerved, without looking, to the right. Luckily there was no traffic! I made a jerking movement trying to kick the dog in the face, but to no avail. My feet were attached to my pedals. Therefore, just as my bike started moving to the side, the pit-bulls buddy, in a blur of brown, rushed in and ambushed me. I had managed to free my foot by this time as I started veering back across to the right, I kicked at the dog on the left missing it. I jammed my foot back into the pedals while I was being assaulted from both sides and peddled like I have never peddled before weaving back and forth from the left to right side of the road. Providentially, there was still no traffic as I made my escape sweating feverishly! Even though I had practiced my quick draw mace skill previously on the less vicious tumbleIMG_1624weeds, I was still under prepared for this trap. I think I am quickly becoming a cat person. Biking into town, I was searching for a cheap hotel using Kayak, I found one and booked it. I stopped for my high calorie gas station dinner and beer before continuing to the hotel. When I checked in, I discovered it was cheaper if I would have booked the room without using Kayak. Now I check both online and at the front desk before booking a room. As I was sitting on the stoop of the room drinking my beer and eating my wonderful gas station taco, it actually was good since I was so close to the boarder, a guy asked me if his daughter could ride my bike. In my head hell noooo, she could steal it, wreak it, it’s way too big for her, and it has all my belongings in the panniers. The manager that checked me in must have seen the panic in my eyes as these thoughts rushed through my head. She said, “It’s OK, it’s my daughter and husband.” Well that alleviates all my worries, think… think…, I got it.IMG_1643

“Sure just make sure she doesn’t get hurt. I have these clipless pedals that work with these shoes and they lock you in. I hope she doesn’t fall. She can ride it, just be careful.”

“Oh no, that’s OK, thanks.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, never mind, thanks.”

Stayed in …….TXday 13.JPG

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