Flat Tires Day 12

March 27. 2015

Rode 45 miles

Rode approx. 6.17 hr

Struggled up Emory Pass. I am not going to lie; I walked on multiple occasions pushing my bike up the 8,228 ft pass, my cleats click against the pavement as I struggled up the mountain. I had another exhilarating downhill after making it to the top.  Bugs kept bouncing off my face; some went down my throat, oh well… extra protein. Wind IMG_6171blowing through my hair, smiling from the exhilaration and freedom. I thought about all the fun and freedom of childhood. Even in high school when asked by my guidance counselor what I wanted to be. I replied “Ski Bum!!” Not only did I accomplish my goal but I excelled at it! I am a ski bum and a whitewater bum!




Spent the night at the bottom of the hill right by the road. All throughout the night cars drove by the campsite and over a cattle guard thump…thump…  A guy in a camper pulled in late in the night. We talked while eating breakfast the next morning, he travels a lot.  His travels are supported by income from Airbnb. He rents his house near Loveland Pass and pays his neighbor to clean it and do maintenance. We talked about skiing for a while. He was on his way to Silver City.


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