Flat Tire Day 7

March 22, 2015

Rode 78 miles

Rode approx. 6.93 hr

With all my tubes looking like Swiss Cheese, I had 30 ish miles to go to get to a bike shop. I really hoped I would make it. There was heavy traffic the whole way, I got off the interstate today in Phoenix, AZ. The population was 1,445,632 so the traffic was still heavy in town. Timg_1569he road changed frequently from bike lanes to no bike lanes and back. There was a lot of honking I knew it was for support ;). Stopped at a Krispy Kream to eat a dozen donuts for a snack, you can do that when you’re biking all day every day. I made it to a bike shop totally pumped from not having to dump my water and walk again.  I bought lots of extra spare bike components I probably won’t need but I got just in case. When I inquired about my tube/flat problem this guy told me about some bomb ass heavy duty tubes, they are heavy but I got tired of changing tubes all the time. I wished the portly jerk form El Centro would have informed me about these tubes.

I was approached by a women today asking for money so she could turn on her electric for her kids. Lady, I am practically homeless. I also noticed a lot of homeless people with bikes around the area. They looked well feed and had some decent bikes. That made me kind of nervous. I wondered what they ate and where they got their img_1570bikes?

I was taking a break filling up my water, the guy that asked if I needed help a few days ago when I got my first flat caught up to me. These stops for bikes were spaced throughout the suburbs. They were really nice and had gazebos, bike racks, and tools along with water.  He said he was staying at the KOA and they were almost full. I rode with him the rest of the day. It was a lot of stop and go riding, lights at every block.  It was toward the end of the day and we were exhausted, this made for hard pedaling, once you got up to speed you had to stop unclip and start again. Push-clip-pedal-unclip-stop-push-clip-pedal-unclip-stop. Met a guy at the KOA who gave us 6 Nestle Quik drinks each, I would like to say I saved some. The best part of the day was a tie between the Nestle Quik and the hot tub at the KOA. No flats today!!!

Stayed at a KOA in Apache Junction.map 7.png

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