Flat Tires Day 5

March 20, 2015

Rode 83 miles

Rode approx. 7.91 hr

Crossed into AZ todayIMG_1561.JPG

I found myself back on the interstate, I had read on my map this morning that I could ride into Phoenix this way. I chose this option because the berms were wider and I could move farther away from the traffic. I learned much later that this helped to contribute to my flat tire problem as all the debris gets pushed to the edge and that is where I had been riding to stay out of the way of traffic.

My plan to stay away from traffic also was disappointing for quite a few miles. The road was in such disarray that I actually lost some bolts of my rear bike rack. Jarring and vibrating me.



I did notice an amazing amount of bottles with yellow liquids along the interstate. When I say an amazing amount I counted 15, and that’s just what I saw. It appears to me that it is an inconvenience to stop along the road and use the restroom. I understand that there are not many facilities out here but wouldn’t it be easier to stop then go in a bottle? I was postulating lots of semi drives making up time by relieving themselves in a bottle.

I found myself ridding in the dusk again with no place to stay. I ran behind two bushes, when no traffic was coming, that appeared to have some cover. I set the tent up in the dark. I went as far as to cover my reflectors with socks so no one would see me. After all the effort to make a clandestine camp, I discover after the trip while I was coming out off a gas station that my tires had reflective material all around them.

img_1531Months after this incident I busted out laughing for no apparent reason to anyone around, when I noticed my tires reflecting as a car drove by. I thought of this moment and how much effort I put into not being seen and here my tires were like two huge beacons.  Right after I got set up, a car parked right beside me.  I know they could see me. All sorts of scenarios flashed in my mind when they sat there for 10 min. It’s the boarder patrol waiting for backup, it’s drug smugglers, it’s coyotes smuggling people. 10 more min went by, don’t care started to go to sleep.  It ended up they had a flat and called a tow truck to fix it. I realized a short time later when a tow truck pulled up and a guy proceeded to change the tire. They were probably afraid of some guy 30 yards off the interstate sleeping in a tent. No cops came for me, so it was a good night even if it was really noisy.

Stayed along the interstate somewhere south of Hope AZ on interstate 10.map 5.png

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